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Financial Counseling & Coaching for Consumers

It's time to take control of your finances—and we're the team to help you achieve this goal. The Pride Through Empowerment Foundation, Inc. offers a wide range of counseling and coaching services designed to increase your knowledge of the financial world, from helping individuals become bankable to helping seniors avoid scams. Contact us today to schedule financial counseling/coaching. We look forward to hearing from you.

How We Help

We know that everyone's circumstances are unique. What works for one individual may not be effective for another. Our experts take the time to understand your situation and provide you with personal finance education, strategies, and approaches that complement your life. Depend on us to:

  • Help you avoid financial victimization by understanding your consumer rights.
  • Enable you to improve your quality of life by applying economic empowerment principles.
  • Promote and increase your knowledge and use of affordable housing options.
  • Promote self-sufficiency to strengthen your family/individual financial stability.
  • Increase your financial acumen to promote and encourage asset building.
  • Help you build economic security through the avenues of savings, investments, homeownership, and entrepreneurship.
  • Provide techniques and tools for financial recovery after foreclosure, eviction, job loss, underemployment, divorce, death of a spouse/partner, or loss of a relationship.
  • Provide asset-building strategies to help you take ownership of your financial future
  • Develop a road map for building personal wealth.
  • Provide you with the skill sets to aid with 'credit as an asset builder.'
  • Financial empowerment skill sets to rebuild and recover financially during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Help you develop a foundation of personal credit to secure business credit for entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Provide unbankable, and under-banked individuals access to banking products and second-chance banking.
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